Combine life insurance needs and savings - Offering you best of both worlds!

Universal life insurance is a very flexible financial tool that provides your loved ones withfinancial security adapted to your personal, family and work situation. This type ofinsurance combines under one contract two essential elements of sound financialplanning: life insurance and tax-preferred savings.

How does Universal Life Insurance work?

Universal life insurance has two main components; life insurance and tax-sheltered savings.A portion of the premiums you pay is used to cover the cost of insurance and taxes. The remaining amount is invested in investments that correspond to your investment profile and risk tolerance.


Flexible premium payment means you can choose to pay excess premiums to accumulate savings for all your projects and goals.


Guarantees and immediate inheritance and tax-free payment of the death banefit to your beneficiaries.


Investment options from cautious to aggressive can meet the needs of any investor and help diversify your tax-sheltered savings portfolio.

Insurance coverage

Universal life Insurance provides protection for entire life and allows you to customize your coverage with the cost of insurance, death benefit, fact amount and the premium paid. With a plan adapted your needs, you can protect your family or your business against the financial impact that could result form death.


The savings portion is invested and generates income that accumulates tax-free. Universal Life plan providers offer a wide range of investment options that can meet your needs and financial goals. Additionally, there could be an investment bonus on index accounts.

Level cost options

This option helps you better manage your budget. Level cost option involves cost of insurance that remain fixed for the life of your policy. Ideal scenario if you want to pay a fixed premium guaranteed for the tenure of the policy and benefit from a quick-pay option (10, 15 or 20 yrs).

Yearly renewable term (YRT) insurance

The YRT cost option involves costs of insurance that keep increasing year after year. This serves well if you wish flexibility in terms of your premium payments. Low cost in the beginning promote accumulation and allow you to have a solution that offers medium – to long term options. Additionally, insurance costs are paid up at 90 yrs of age.

Surrender value

Universal Life Insurance policy can help you save more money. You have access to this money and grows over a period of time. It also provides great flexibility for the future; however, fees may apply.

Disability benefits

In the event of disability caused by an accident or illness for at least 90 days, you have access to the money in your Universal Life policy accumulation fund. To avail this benefit, you must have one of the listed disability conditions in the policy and diagnosed by an authorized, licensed physician.

Is this coverage right for you?

Universal life insurance gives you the ability to adapt your protection to your current andfuture needs by offering:

  • Life insurance coverage to protect your financial security.
  • A simple and effective solution to grow your savings on a tax-sheltered basis.
  • Flexibility to change your coverage features as your needs evolve.
  • Access to any accumulated savings should the need arise.
  • A complete solution for your children with an insurability benefit as well as life insurance and critical illness coverage options included in the policy

Your tax-sheltered savings

On top of covering your life insurance needs, you also have the opportunity to save on atax-sheltered basis by selecting where to invest your premiums. Everyone has a differentrisk tolerance level. Therefore, you have different investment options to choose from.

  • Guaranteed Interest Accounts (1, 3, 5 and 10-year terms)are low risk investments that guarantee a fixed rate of return.
  • Index accountsare linked to the performance of specified benchmark indexes with the potential for high rates of return over the long term.
  • Managed accountsare linked to the performance of specifically designated funds that range from conservative to aggressive growth potential and allow for diversification tailored to different investor profiles.

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