Financial Security for your loved ones

Permanent life or popularly known as whole life insurance - is preferred solution to ensure the financial security of your loved ones, adequately meeting your insurance needs, such as bequests to your heirs, estate taxes, your final expenses and your financial obligations. Whatever your reason for enrolling, there are flexible and guaranteed permanent life insurance options to meet your evolving needs and those of your family.


Your needs change and you want to modify your coverage? The Insurance plans are flexible that let you transform your coverage over time and adapt it to your current needs.


No surprises, no worries! Each Coverage tailored to your budget, so you can determine how long you pay premiums, for preset terms of 10 or 20 years, or until your retirement at age 65.


This insurance comes with many guarantees, including the premium and the coverage amount based on your needs. This means your premiums will never increase, making it easier to budget.

Enjoy a lifetime of guaranteed protection!

Once you’re insured, it’s for life, no matter what your health condition may be. With permanent life insurance products, the choice is yours! Whole Life 20 and Whole Life 100 plans bear significant cash values that you will appreciate. Also, Term 100 plan is designed to meet your needs for a simple and affordable permanent life insurance.

Whole Life 20

Offer a valuable gift to your children or grandchildren! With Whole Life 20, you pay insurance premium for only 20 yrs and your loved ones will be protected for the rest of their lives. In the future, they will have the opportunity to use the cash value of their insurance policy for their own projects, such as fund higher education, home renovation, buying a car or down payment for their home or condo.

Whole Life 100

Whole Life 100 offers different concepts (Individual, Multi-Life, Joint First to Die and Joint Last to Die) that will help for stability of your business. Thus you could cope with the unexpected and reduce the financial setbacks resulting from the loss of a key employee. The tax-free death benefit will allow you to buy-back of shares and ensure the continuity of your business. The guaranteed cash values maybe used as a compensation package for retirement.

Term 100

Simple and affordable, Term 100 meets your permanent life insurance needs as well. Do you have a family with young children and long-term obligations? Whatever your situation may be, the different concepts available (Individual, Multi-Life, Joint First to Die and Joint Last to Die) will surely satisfy your needs, allowing you to safeguard your family’s financial security.

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