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Travel Insurance is a must for Canadians travelling outside province / outside Canada and for visitors to Canada. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, unexpected trip and health problems can occur. When you are travelling with health condition, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your will be covered if you need emergency medical care.

    • Travel Insurance Plans offer options to meet the needs of different travelers, whether new or experienced, going on a single trip or multiple trips a year. Travel Right Insurance Plans (TRIPs) offer a variety of benefits, from trip cancellation/interruption to emergency medical.

Travel Insurance benefits offer

  • Option to choose form single trip of multi-trip plans, depending on your lifestyle and travel frequency
  • If you have children, they can benefit from the same protection as you when travelling together
  • No medical questionnaire is required when you apply if you are under 60 yrs of age
  • Get affordable coverage for your entirely family, up to three generations (as long as all family members are under the age of 60)
For Canadian “snowbirds” who are out of the country from three to six months, an all-inclusive travel insurance plan is essential. In the event of injury while out of the country, snowbirds are protected under emergency medical travel Insurance. You must protect your trip and keep disruptions to a minimum with proper travel insurance and have peace of mind.

Travel Insurance for Students

You have enough to think about when you are studying away from home. You shouldn’t also have to worry about how you will pay for medical expenses if you are not insured. Get simple, affordable coverage for unexpected medical emergencies as well as routine medical expenses – all with travel insurance for students.  
    A student travel insurance plan may cover you up to $2 million medical care coverage which includes physician services, annual medical and eye exams, hospitalization, prescription drugs and more.

Additional benefits include

  • Trip break coverage for up to 60 days without terminating your coverage
  • Protect yourself against tuition loss
  • Save up to 50% on your premiums if you’re a Canadian student studying within Canada
  • Extend affordable coverage for your family
  • Plan ahead and purchase coverage up to 120 days before starting school
  • Gain access to worldwide travel assistance 24 hrs a day / 364 days a year

Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada

If you are planning to visit Canada or if you have friends or family visiting, you will want to enjoy the visit without disruptions. If health emergencies come up, you can get help covering the expenses with travel medical coverage that is simple, affordable and easy to use so you don’t end up paying out-of-pocket. Make sure you have proper protection for emergency medical care and more with travel insurance for visitors to Canada.

    Visitor to Canada emergency medical care plan would cover expenses pertaining to physician services, ambulance services, hospitalization, prescription drugs and more.

Benefits with travel insurance for visitors to Canada

  • Coverage up to $150,000 if you are under 70 and up to $100,000 if you are age 70 or over
  • Covers side trips from Canada or a trip break to temporarily return to your country of origin
  • Plans also include Travel Accident insurance for loss of sight, limb or life
  • Provides coverage for pre-existing medical conditions subject to medical conditions being stable for 180 days prior to coverage

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