Term Life – Simple, Flexible, Affordable

Term life insurance is a simple and affordable solution that provides tax-free payments in the event of death. This coverage is particularly helpful if you have a mortgage, or if you are a parent to young children and want to provide financial support for their needs until they are independent. This type of life insurance is specifically designed to protect your family’s financial security for a given period.

Plus, you have the option to enhance your life coverage by adding a disability benefit for credit protection, critical illness and other benefits, making for a complete insurance solution, all in one policy!

Plan ahead with a well-suited protection

  • Coverage for personal loans and other debts
  • Coverage for business loans and financial expenses
  • Income protection
  • Estate planning

Flexibility to meet your financial protection needs

  • Select from a variety of term durations (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 years), and combine multiple coverages under one policy.
  • Convert your life insurance coverage into a permanent life insurance without medical evidence.
  • Choose to enhance your life insurance coverage with additional benefits for a complete protection.
  • Preferred rates available, rewarding you for a healthy lifestyle.

Choose a protection that alleviates financial setbacks

In order to protect yourself, your family and your assets, Term Insurance offers a tailored solution that meets your needs with benefits adapted to your lifestyle.

Additional benefits to complete your coverage

Total disability coverage

Benefit from a monthly indemnity to cover loan payments and other debts in case of total disability to help maintain your commitments and relieve financial worries.

Critical illness coverage

Opt for a highly affordable protection that covers the three most common illnesses: cancer, heart attack, and stroke. A lump-sum, tax-free benefit will be paid to you to ease your financial burden, enabling you to focus on your recovery.

Life insurance coverage for children

Enhance your coverage to include a life insurance benefit for all your dependent children for a complete family protection.

Waiver of premium in case of disability

Choose a waiver of premium benefit and you will be released from the obligation of paying your insurance premiums, should you become totally disabled.

Accidental death and dismemberment

Benefit from additional coverage in case of dismemberment or accidental death.

Benefit in case of fracture

Receive a benefit amount in case of accidental fracture or severance.

A simple choice!

Term Insurance provides you a flexible coverage, allowing you to satisfy your personal and business insurance needs at a competitive rate.

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