Group Benefits Plan is one of the important benefits packages offered by many employers. Such a benefits package to employees ensures your employees and their dependents are adequately protected and help you retain employees that are key assets for the success of your business.

Coverage Under Group Benefits Plan

Basic Life Insurance

  • Employers can offer a flat coverage amount or equivalent to employee’s salary.
  • Option to convert to an individual insurance plan if they leave company.
  • Premiums may be waived up to age 65 if employee becomes disabled.

Optional Life Insurance

  • Option for employees to buy additional coverage at no extra cost to company.
  • Employees can easily pay for their coverage through payroll deductions.

Prescription Drug Coverage

You could customize your company’s prescription drug program by setting up benefit limits, drug plan maximums, dispensing-fee limits, type of drugs offered and how employees will be reimbursed for their prescription drug expenses.

Dental Benefits

  • Basic dental coverage to include recall exam, scaling, x-rays and more.
  • Enhanced or Basic Plus to include orthodontic services and major restorative services such as inlays, crowns, veneers and dentures.

Extended Healthcare Benefits

  • Paramedical services – covered practitioners and therapists.
  • Semi-private or private hospital rooms.
  • Medical supplies such as hearing aids, orthopedic shoes and custom orthotics.
  • Accidental dental coverage.
  • Eye exams and an optional vision care benefit.

Short Term or Long-Term Disability

Disability Insurance Plan protects both your company and employees from financial burden of a short term or long-term absence from work due to injury or illness by providing benefits to replace a portion of employee's regular salary

  • Employees may qualify for benefits without being totally disabled.
  • Employees may be able to work in a modified work capacity with benefits.
  • Rehabilitation and Return-to-work programs can help employees learn new skills for a new job or return to work in a gradual manner.
  • Services of Best Doctors and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) go a long way.

Why offer Group Benefits Plans ?

Group Benefits are one of the important benefits that employees look forward in addition to their pay package for the protection they deserve, and make your company a place where people want to work.

Five great reasons to offer Group Benefits Plan

  • Attract and Retain Key Talent
    A well-designed group benefits plan can help to make your business stay more competitive, recruit top talent, retain employees boost their morale.

  • Leads to Productivity
    Your employees face many common challenges created by the competing priorities of work and life. An Employee Assistance Program or a Best Doctors Program can provide tools and support they need— and helping employees stay focused at work leading to increased productivity.

  • Protect Your Employees
    While healthcare program (OHIP) gives Canadians access to doctors and emergency medical treatment, it doesn’t cover everything. In fact, some new drug treatments can be very costly. A group benefits plan helps to ensure your employees and their dependents are adequately protected.

  • Protect Your Business
    Group disability, health & dental benefits ensure your investment is protected in case an employee becomes sick or gets injured.

  • Provide Tax-Efficient Compensation
    Without a benefits plan, employees must pay for day-to-day health, dental and prescription drug expenses with after-tax income. Employee benefit plans can be designed to cover these expenses using before-tax income—leaving more money in your employees’ pockets.

Make your business more competitive with Group Benefits Plan.

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